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Swimming Pool Notice

Did you get a swimming pool notice on your door?

Unmaintained swimming pools are the top mosquito-producing sources in residential areas of Kern County. If left unmaintained, a single swimming pool can produce thousands of mosquitoes in a short period of one week and can become a public health risk. The District surveys for green, unmaintained swimming pools during the mosquito season (March - November) to reduce the mosquito abundance and disease transmission risk.

I received a swimming pool notice but my swimming pool is CLEAN or COMPLETELY DRY. What should I do?

Our system is not flawless and sometimes pick up pebble tec pools, pool covers, shade, and/or objects mistaken as dirty pools.

You can confirm the condition of your pool by uploading a picture below.



Clean Functional Pool

dry swimming.jpg

Completely Dry Pool

*Although it will not breed mosquito larvae, a completely dry swimming pool is prone to costly structural damage. The District, in no way recommends that anyone empty their pool and encourages residents to research the negative impact of removing the water before doing so


The photo of your pool must include the current notice in the foreground and must be clean and functional or completely emptied.

See the example below.  


Please upload a photo of your CLEAN or COMPLETELY EMPTIED swimming pool with the current notice in the foreground. (required)

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